E-Mail: mail@cg-cb.de
LinkedIn: Christian Bohm
Phone: +49176 61740305
Adress: Bogenstr.5
71634 Ludwigsburg Germany
CV (pdf, 140kB)

Born in Berlin, I studied Animation at the at the
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and made my diploma 2014 with the project "insomnia".

During my time at the Filmakademie I managed the masterpiece to be a student at one university, while beeing an lecturer at another ( SAE Stuttgart). I learned a lot about my profession by explaining concepts and techniques to students and discover connections that influenced my own professional work. Besides that it paid my food, which was nice.

I am a hardcore Maya-User, but have some experience in Softimage. Besides that I am used to comp my shots by myself in Nuke (one of my favourite tools).
My personal field of interest is photorealistic rendering.
My plan is to work for feature film or game cinematics. I am free to travel where you want me to be.

Besides beeing an artist I am personally interested in every aspect of technology, so basically...a nerd. I have some background in programming, so I am constantly fiddling around on small scripts in hope to improve my work and don't format my harddisk. Particularly I fell in love with python after working with PHP,MEL and C++ for years.

Feel free to ask me for any advice, job offer or bank transfers from south africa.


Autodesk Maya
VRay for Maya
Foundry Nuke
Autodesk Mudbox
Autodesk Softimage (ICE)
Adobe Photoshop
Linux (Debian)
Studio Soi
FMX 2011 (Trailer)